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Evan Moor: Daily Geography Grade 5

Disclaimer: We received this product for review purposes. As always, we are not required to write a positive review. All opinions are honest and my own. This post may contain affiliated links.  If you choose to purchase something I have shared, I will earn a small commission…at no extra cost to you!

Just so you know, Evan Moor is a favorite in our home. It is one of the few resources that stayed consistent since the beginning of our homeschooling journey. It works for us because of workbooks!, workbooks!, workbooks! I love some workbooks!

Workbooks help me set the kids for independent learning. They help with those subjects that need bite-size but consistent practice. They most definitely get the job done on those days that ‘regular’ schooling isn’t in the cards for that day.

But, there are subjects that I just can’t seem to find a way to dedicate an official ‘slot” in our schedule; Geography is one of them. Yes, Yes Yes, we read books from around the world and maybe, I’ll remember to pull out the globe. We will watch nature shows and discuss where the animal originated from, but that’s all. I have not set up a curriculum for Geography. So, I was very pleased to receive Evan Moor Daily Geography Grade 5 for review; a subject I know needs to be covered in our home.

What is Evan Moor Publications?

SInce 1979, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers provides practical, creative, and engaging PreK-8 educational resources to develop basic and complex skills in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and the art.


Teacher’s Edition Workbook

Grade level: Currently using Evan Moor Daily Geography Grade 5, and fortunately for all of us, Evan Moor Daily Geography provides grades Prek- 6th as well if you are looking to supplement any geography and social studies curriculums.

Parent Involvement: Depending on your child(s) abilities, very minimal. Personally, I hand the book over to my son, and he reads the lessons then completes the 2-3 questions. We have the Teacher’s Edition, so I do fold the answer key, but there is a Student Workbook that is almost the exact replica but without the answer key.

Afterward, I check his answers (grammar as well) and question him on content. Viola! We are done. It will probably take 15 minutes. Sometimes, depending on what I’m doing, I’ll ask him to self-check using the answer key. If applicable, he makes the necessary changes. However, later that night or early the next morning I will double-check his work and note where he might need to make some adjustments if any.

Schedule: EM Daily Geography Grade 5 is a thorough and 36-weeks, 5x a week curriculum that aligns with The National Geography Standards.

Setup: Located in the first few pages, there is the table of contents, an explanation for the educator on how to use the book, and the breakdown of all of the 18 standards of geography you will be covering.

Table of Content

For the student, there are only 2 geography questions for each day and an additional challenge question that can be completed on Day 5.

New skills and new vocabulary words are introduced every week. Some of the skills taught are identifying landmarks, understanding map symbols, and analyzing differences and similarities between information, etc.

The maps are full pages and clearly represented. They are labeled neatly and don’t feel overloaded. The questions asked are simple and straight to the point. The challenge here is knowing the vocabulary, referencing and decoding the maps.


FREE: You have free downloadable resources with this book. You have access to download all the maps from Daily Geography Grade 5. It’s a great option if you have multiple kids, if you are building a geography notebook for record-keeping or any other reason that fits your homeschooling needs.

Standards: On the Evan Moor website there is a feature that helps educators research whether the books align with your specific state’s standards. Here in my state, there are two (2) standards required and the book covers those two. And just to satisfy my curiosity, I looked up the National Standard and the EM Daily Geography covers all 18 standards! We are going more than enough !!

Below are the six essential elements that highlight the major components of geography:

Sample of Standards
  • Essential Element 1:The World in Spatial Terms
  • Essential Element 2: Places and Regions
  • Essential Element 3: Physical Systems
  • Essential Element 4: Human Systems
  • Essential Element 5: Environment and Society
  • Essential Element 6: The Uses of Geography

Take a look at the National Geography Standards Index for a more in-depth description of each element.

Overall: It’s thorough, concise, and grade-level appropriate. For my family, EM can definitely be done as independent work and can easily be included in our schedule without overloading the kids. Also, it gives me peace of mind that Geography is being covered with quality products and above our state’s standards.

I hope this review was helpful and if you are interested in checking out their other products, head over Evan-Moor’s website to see their daily series collection.

Work in progress 🙂
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