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Early Childhood Adaptive Learning Platform by Homeschool+

Disclaimer: I received digital access to this product as well as reimbursement for the time spent writing this review in exchange for my honest thoughts.

As a homeschooling mom of three, two of which are in upper elementary and middle school, a quality learning program is required to keep my active preschooler engaged while I assist his older siblings with their workload.

If you’re like me, you are looking to set a strong educational foundation for one of your favorite people. But with so many different options, your busy schedule, and your child’s ever changing interests, where do you start? I may have an option for you; Homeschool+, a new online homeschool curriculum.

I received digital access to this product as well as reimbursement for the time spent writing this review in exchange for my honest thoughts. This post may contain affiliate links

What is Homeschool+?

Homeschool+ , made by the creators of ABCmouse Early Learning Academy, is an adaptive and customizable online learning platform geared towards pre-k (4 years old) to 2nd Grade. The My Math Academy covers beginner math through 4 years of learning. The My Reading Academy is designed to take a beginner reader to full comprehension.


  • Grade/Age: Pre-Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
  • Parent Involvement: Dependent on your child’s ability, parent involvement will vary.
  • Schedule: Recommended 20 minutes a day
  • Product Format: Online Courses with the option to extend the lessons offline with provided detailed lesson plans

How We Use Homeschool+

It’s simple.

Because I have older homeschoolers, that take online classes as well, and the preschooler would always want to ‘help’ them with their classwork, I schedule my preschoolers’ online learning around the same time.

You should see the way he carries himself, knowing he will be sitting at the table, working on the computer like his older siblings. So proud. It’s adorable.

Because the older siblings’ classes will run longer than Homeschool+ recommended time of 20 minutes of learning, its incredibly helpful that there’s a feature for limiting/adjusting time for each lesson.

On top of that, I personally use a physical visual timer to help my preschooler see how much time he has left.

How are the Lessons set up: Each day you have two lessons, Math and Reading, set at your child’s adjusted time goal. The lessons are interactive and engaging. There is tons of positive reinforcement.

Additionally, the background music, directive instructions, images, characters and colors are not overwhelming, in my opinion. Simply put, it is visually and audibly pleasing for my kid.

Overall Impressions

My older kids used ABCmouse in their earlier days, so Homeschool+ is an welcomed and updated alternative for my preschooler. It provides my son a fun and engaging learning experience.

The Math and Reading subjects are the foundation of Homeschool+, but there are other subjects included on their platform; Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Art and Spanish to give your little learner a well rounded education. Each course consists for 12-20 lessons.

Homeschool+ emphasizes the importance of individualized learning by creating organized and detailed lesson plan for hands-on offline learning that enriches each lesson. The combination of these two features balances the online world with the tangible world.

Additionally, it alleviated the burden of researching and pulling resources together, and removing doubts of implementations, while granting us more time to enjoy the lesson along side our kids. Sample Lesson Plan

In my home, Homeschool+ is a great addition to our daily schedule.

Honestly, it is also a gift for this mom, a sweet 20 minutes of quiet time without the guilt.


Homeschool+ has a monthly of $49.99 or an annual option at $479.88, but taking into account the reporting, the adaptable lessons, the daily offline enrichment lessons, and the option to include up to three children/profiles, it may be well worth the price for your family.

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